Worship is one of the means God uses for individual and corporate (congregational) spiritual transformation (Romans 12:1-2). It is in and through corporate worship that individuals make themselves available to the heart-and-soul-changing power of the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament (Means of Grace). The spiritual and eternal benefits for the individual are unquestionable.  And the benefits extend beyond the individual.  As individuals undergo renewal and spiritual reformation they become “salt and light” to the worshiping community and in every part of their daily life. 

All of Living Hope’s services are centered around the model of four-fold worship, i.e., Gathering, Word, Table (Holy Communion) and Sending.  These four elements of worship have been part of Christian worship since its earliest days.  The services also reflect a Lutheran understanding of how God comes to us through Word and Sacrament. Each service is intended to speak to and encourage every worshipper to come before God, interact personally with him, let him speak, and have a chance to respond and give thanks. 

Join us for Worship


Beginning Sunday, June 24th, and continuing through August, LHLC will conduct only one Sunday Worship Service at 9:30 AM.  Our Blended and Traditional Services will be offered on alternating Sundays as indicated below.  LHLC will return to our current two service schedule on September 2nd.  This change is based on a suggestion and straw vote taken at the Voters’ Meeting, input from the Spiritual Life Team, input from the Worship Team Leader, and input from the Fellowship Committee.  

  • June 24: Blended Service                      
  • July 1: Traditional Service                    
  • July 8: Blended Service                        
  • July 15: Traditional Service                   
  • July 22: Blended Service  
  • July 29: Traditional Service                     
  • August 5: Blended Service
  • August 12: Traditional Service
  • August 19: Blended Service
  • August 26: Traditional Service

Fall Sunday Worship Schedule (Starting September 2, 2018)  


This service is in a historic style and is the most traditional of our two services.  The Lutheran Service Book is the primary worship resource.  Music is led by a pianist. Holy Communion is offered every Sunday.        


This service is in a blended worship style, with both traditional and modern elements.  It includes the same lessons and sermon as the earlier service.  Music is led by keyboard and praise band, or by song leaders with recorded music. Holy Communion is offered every Sunday.

Opportunities for Children in Worship

Jesus blessed the children… and at Living Hope we encourage children of all ages to participate in the worship service. Children have special times in the worship service to be engaged by participating in the children’s sermon, baptisms, singing and praying alongside you, receiving a blessing during Holy Communion, and exploring an age-appropriate activity bag.  Streamers are provided for non-reading children to wave during singing. More than anything we see how children love to learn how to worship by sitting next to their brothers and sisters, dad and mom.